We provide extensive ABA therapy services in the Chicagoland area.

Our dedicated team of professionals work closely with you to ensure that your loved one’s needs are fully supported.

In-Home Consultation

Senior clinicians come to your home to provide you information about ABA services with BASES Autism Services, autism resources, and to begin observations and assessments to develop your child's treatment plan.

Behavior Plan Development

After completing the observations and assessments, your child's BCBA will create a Behavior Plan that addresses ways to prevent challenging behaviors from occurring, how to react to challenging behaviors, and how to encourage new skills so that your child can meet their needs in more effective ways.

Independent Living Skills

Teaching and support geared towards increasing your child's age-appropriate independent living skills. This may include toilet training, community access, cooking, cleaning, dressing, hygiene or other skills your child may need to live as independently as possible.


Your child's assigned Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) will complete a thorough assessment of your child's skills and any challenging behaviors utilizing evidence-based tools. These assessments will inform your child's treatment plan.

Functional assessment

Your BCBA will gather information about your child's behavior from observation, interview and data collected. They will determine the function of the behavior in order to select the most appropriate intervention.

Social skill development

Individualized programming aimed to increase age-appropriate play and leisure skills, encourage peer relationships, and self advocacy skills.

Functional communication training (FCT)

Providing your child with a means of communicating their wants and needs in a way that is understandable to others.

Data collection and review

During each therapy session, your child's therapist collects data on the individualized programs. The therapist closely monitors progress to determine when it is appropriate for plans to be modified or new plans to be introduced so that we do not waste a moment of your child's time to learn new skills.

Parent coaching and support

Your BCBA will meet with you to determine the family's support needs and goals. Some examples of family goals include going on vacation, going out to eat, going to the dentist, playing with siblings, completing homework, or getting a haircut. Through parent coaching, we will empower you to teach your child the skills they need in order to attain the goals the family has set outside of therapy hours.

Safety Care for Families® Training

Our QBS certified Safety Care for Families® trainer will provide you with individualized instruction, crisis prevention and deescalation techniques. The program focuses on positive parenting strategies and takes both the home and community environments into consideration.

Parent education

A variety of resources are provided to help families become knowledgeable about autism, evidence-based treatments and supports.

Behavior therapists and staff training

Registered behavior technicians (RBTs) complete a 40 hour training and must have regular and ongoing supervision by a BCBA. The RBTs conduct therapy sessions in your home, usually between 25-35 hours per week. During these sessions, the RBT will implement your child's individualized program goals using a variety of teaching methods to encourage fast paced learning and long-lasting generalization. Your BCBA will attend at least one therapy session per week in order to provide continued observation and feedback to the RBT.

Case management services

A Social Worker will coordinate all aspects of your child's care. From managing consents, providing medical referrals, conducting team meetings to advocacy support, your Social Worker is the hub of the treatment team wheel.